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Featured Items at the 10/21/2023 Market

Featured items include specially priced items, seasonal items, and more!


Bacon:  Arkansas, Pepper or Low Salt

K Bar K will have their bacon on special.


Make breakfast special!!

What is Arkansas bacon? 

Arkansas bacon is made from only the leanest cuts of pork

which means that it contains more meat and less fat than

other bacon varieties.  This also gives it a higher Omega 3 
content. It is not cured with sugar, but is dry-cured

with salt and spices giving it a distinct savory flavor

that is not overly sweet.  It is smoked in natural smoke

which gives it a rich, non-artificial smoky flavor. 

Arkansas bacon is also cut thickly which allows it to retain

its shape and texture when cooked.

Definitely worth a try if you love bacon!


In Appreciation of our Customers....

Scott from K Bar K has cooked up his famous chili, 

Cindy, the Market Manager has mixed up her south of

the border guacamole and Lawanda from Sassy Lorraine 
has baked up her award winning cookies.
ALL FREE and available at the Rotary Booth

at the 10/21/2023 market!  

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