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We are a Grower/Maker Market 

Do you grow your product?  

Do you make your product in your home

(Texas Cottage Food Law) or in a commercial kitchen?  

Are you an entertainer (singer, face painter, clown, balloon artist, magician, etc.)?  

Become a vendor at The Frisco Rotary Farmers Market!

We are an authentic Farmers Market where people can buy their food from the source 

ensuring that they know how it's grown or made and that it is the freshest possible. 

 Farmers, ranchers and artisan producers may sell produce, meat and other products from other sources, but the product must come straight from the farm or location where it is made.  

After you are approved for the market, all growers and food producers must 

file an application with the City of Frisco for a health permit.  

Vendors provide their own 10 X10 tent, table and chairs.  

To learn more about the FRFM rules, cost for 10 X 10 booths and to apply to become a vendor, click the link below.

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